Hi, This is the REAL Kristi *insert Verification stamp here*  not that HDYGT who does these “Interviews” — I honestly don’t know where she came from, or why she’s using my name and image, but that’s another post. I’m talking to my shrink, lawyer and even some law enforcement officials about it.

Anyway, SHE’s headed to the Bahamas today because she hates Thanksgiving – there’s nothing she’s thankful for! So I’ve taken this opportunity to sneak onto the computer to let you all know what I’m Thankful for (in no particular order):

  • YOU – all you wonderful, How Did You Get There readers. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and most of all thank you for your wonderful sense of humour!! I’m glad to know you can enjoy a little laugh in spite of everything else that might be going on in your lives or the world around us!!
  • My fascinating Guest Stars — Thank you for sharing the amazing twists and turns of your lives!! It’s wonderful to hear about it — not like it comes up in dinner conversation, right? HDYGT wouldn’t be here without you, you’re brilliant!!
  • My amazing husband and daughter. They challenge me, love me, and are patient with me when I’m at the computer for countless hours. Most of all they keep ME laughing.
  • All my friends and family and even some acquaintances, who have touched me, challenged me, made me cry and made me laugh. You are more important than you can ever know.
  • The supportive writing community, both nearby and in far away, writers, publishers, agents, editors and readers– You’re a comfort and an inspiration.

All my very best wishes to you,

The REAL *insert verification stamp here* Kristi