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After my Extreme Sports adventure last week I am SO into this whole sporty-thingy like all you athletic types. I’ve decided to start using my “muscles” and get  “co-ordinated”.  I thought the best way for me to improve at last week’s Time-Travel bungee jumping is through Gymnastic Trampolining– Can you DIG IT?!

My Guest Star founded the SuperSonic Trampoline Club, after having been head coach of the University of Dublin Trampoline Club for four years.

HDYGT: (enters gym) I’m ready for my 1st lesson, Darron.

Darron Costello: (eyes neon green jumpsuit with cape) Uh… most people just wear track suits. Can you move in that?

HDYGT: Oh yea. It’s from the 70s. When Polyester was the REAL thing.

Darron Costello: Right. But lose the crash helmet. We’re very safe here.

HDYGT: (refuses to release hot pink helmet) It’s my signature look!

Darron Costello: Common.  Hand it over.

HDYGT: (begrudgingly lets go) I’m so excited about this. Thank God you teach older…I mean… young adults.

Darron Costello: We teach everyone and anyone from the age of 4, up to… well, the sky’s the limit; there’s no upper age limit, as long as you feel up to it.

HDYGT: I’ll tell Granny. She’s up for anything. Does the trampoline have a wheelchair ramp?

Darron Costello: No.

HDYGT: Damn! So how did you choose this sport?

Darron Costello: Early on I had a passion for martial arts, doing Karate and other styles solidly for about 8 years, then–

HDYGT: I see, to get away from baggy pyjamas and into the stretchy jump suits. Excellent move for the young ladies, if you know what I mean.

Darron Costello: (certain HDYGT would never print that last statement) Ermm…no… ten years ago I got involved with the UCD Trampoline Club, and from there other Dublin college clubs, DCU and Trinity. As head coach at UCD I was part of a group that put in place the building blocks to make UCD the biggest and healthiest club in the country, on the college circuit.

HDYGT: Health clubs, too? Excellent.

Darron Costello: We started promoting the sport through classes and summer camps about 7 years ago, and 2 years ago went full time with SuperSonic. So far, so good!

HDYGT: What do you like most about it, other than the cool jump suits?

Darron Costello: (starting to worry HDYGT might keep that bit in) The suits are only for competitions. We all wear baggy sweats and t-shirts for teaching.

HDYGT: Too bad. Hey – I could design something for you!

Darron Costello: (if she keeps this part in, he’ll make her pay) No, no. We’re fine. Thanks.

HDYGT: Look what it did for Evel Knievel!Evel Knievel

Darron Costello: I’ll see what the others say.

(terrified glares from other coaches in gym)

HDYGT: Great! So do you like teaching kids as well as adults?

Darron Costello: Working with kids is fantastic, when they achieve something, you achieve it with them, and the joy they take in the process is tangible. Working as your own boss is brilliant, too.

HDYGT: Yea, you get to choose the outfits!

Darron Costello: For me it means I can make SuperSonic the way I’d want it if I was a kid walking in the door—

HDYGT: Right. So we’ll go with the Super Hero capes?

Darron Costello: –fun, friendly, exciting, and the absolute best at what it is. More than a club, a community of friends.

HDYGT: (hands on hips) SuperSonic Friends

Darron Costello: (rolls eyes) Whatever.

HDYGT: What keeps you busy when you’re not coaching?

Darron Costello: I’ve just qualified to become a stuntman with the Stunt Guild of Ireland. To date I have already done some fighting in The Tudors, King Arthur and as a ‘Ninja Nun’ in a TV ad.

HDYGT: You fought Henry VIII, King Arthur and NUNS?  Holy Mother of–

Darron Costello: And my latest sports obsession is Ultimate Frisbee, a cross between non-contact American Football, and net ball, using a disc.

HDYGT: Frisbee sounds easy, I could do that…

Darron Costello: (Shite! – Irish for sh*t) It’s ultra fast, far more intense than you’d suspect. My team competes all over Ireland and Europe. We always have to explain that it’s a tough, gruelling and above all REAL sport…and no capes.

HDYGT: I bet if I showed the team my sketches, maybe a few matching outfits for everyone’s dog…you do throw frisbees to your dogs, right?

Darron Costello: (That does it. She starts with sommersaults. 1,000 of them) Why don’t we start your trampoline lesson first?

HDYGT: Brilliant! (flicks neon green cape over shoulder, dons hot pink helmet) And Darron, Thank you for Playing!!