Haute Couture Fashion Photographer Benjamen Kanarek is challenging all writers to create your own short tale based on the truly fantastical images he and his brilliant production team created for Harper’s Bazaar.

WARNING: These images are not for the weak at kneed or faint of heart. You will be exposed to the likes of Chanel, Lagerfeld, Valentino, Dior and more.

I’m not even going to post one photo here, lest you’re too lazy to click THIS LINK, and behold the wonders which await ye!!!

In their own words:

“Make up your own Tale based on a particular image and we will publish our favourites and link to your blog, website, myspace, photo bucket site, etc. Just send your story to: info@benjaminkanarekblog.com

Tale of the Unexpected…

Started as an idea to tell a Classic Fairy Tale format Children’s Story, but without the classically known subject matter such as Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland etc… They “kind of” look familiar, but aren’t really, as they did not exist until they were created for this production. These individual images or mini synopsis’s each tell a little story of their own and we will leave it up to you the reader to interpret them in your own “Fashion” (pardon the pun).

Katie Fogarty stars in the fabulous, ferociously funny, freaky film “The 7 Tales of Katie in Kinderland” as the wonderfully witty “Wizard of Westergarten” in the County of Cormilligan (Try saying that after a few drinks).