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Am I the only one who gets around to her New Year’s Resolutions…in November?

  • Exercise like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Fit into Nicole Kidman’s clothing.
  • Read all the Best Novels of all time
  • Write a series about a schoolboy and become filthy stinking RICH.

I’m thrilled to say that ALL of my Re-zezzes (that’s the rap word) were actually achieved!! …just not by me.

So, I’m catching up on my podcast listening, and what do I hear??

Making and Keeping Your Goals

60 Second Psych: Christie Nicholson interviews David Allen, best-selling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, on how to make and keep goals.

A few tips that gave me heart:

  • Don’t make a short list. Make 45, or 100 goals, and see which ones stick around. It can be anything from bench pressing more, to feeling happier when you wake up in the morning…
  • It’s easier to get there by doing it wrong, than by doing nothing. Standing still takes more energy than going the wrong way and turning around.
  • Lighten up!! We almost never achieve our goals, but setting them helps us envision what we want to create. Because as you get 1/2 way there your goal will change.  You have more information than you did before you started, and you may realize THAT over there is what you REALLY want.

The BEST thing to do Right Now? At the end of the year?

1. List what you DID accomplish this past year.

    • No one’s invited me over to move their couch.
    • Nicole Kidman isn’t suing me for wardrobe copyright infringement
    • I’ve supported countless authors… fiscally.
    • My new novel: Bart Simpson-Potter –  is about an orphan, who thanks to being an amazing wizard stays 11 yrs. old for the rest of his life. And he’s yellow.

2. CLEAN HOUSE – tie up the loose ends, toss out what goals didn’t suit, finish up what’s almost there.

3. Set new 51% goals, ones that you’re 51% sure you can reach. Don’t stretch the rubber band too far, or it’ll break.

4. And Most importantly – KEEP SETTING GOALS. It will keep you focused on what you enjoy.