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Original interview below posted June 2010. By June 2011 John Locke has become the 1st self-published author to sell a million eBooks on Amazon Kindle, and a Best Selling author on the Official Website of New York Times. 

Can I pick ’em or what??

“If Dean Koontz collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock at the circus, [Saving Rachel] would be their brain child.” —Dusty Mills, Vintage DM Book Reviews

(originally published June 2010)

Today’s Guest Star, author of the fast paced Donovan Creed crime novels, owns up to leading a double life!  Yes, I was shocked, but I refused to accept less than the raw truth…

HDYGT: Welcome John Locke, please tell us what you do for a living?

John Locke: When I’m not writing the Donovan Creed novels I’m a private investor.

HDYGT: A private investigator who writes crime novels!?

(screechy music)

John Locke: Not investigator—investor. I build or buy shopping centers and manage them for my own portfolio.

HDYGT: (jaw drops) You buy the entire shopping center!? My husband complains when I buy out one measly shop.

John Locke:  Well… maybe you need to see the bigger picture.

HDYGT: That’s exactly what I said when he yelled about my 10 ft ‘Screaming Daffodils’ painting!

(more screechy music)

John Locke: (tries not to imagine daffodil painting, but can’t shake it)

HDYGT: What do you like most about being a Private “I”?

John Locke: People think it’s prestigious, but in reality I’m getting big bucks to do what a monkey could do.

HDYGT: This monkey – is he for sale?

John Locke: Excuse me?

HDYGT: I assume he’ll work for peanuts.

John Locke: What monkey?

HDYGT: (winks) Right, our little secret. So what do you think is the key to your brilliant success – other than the monkey?

John Locke: (through clinched teeth) Watch it – I said no monkey business!

HDYGT: Oops, my bad. I won’t bring him up again! How about: What skill set or unique abilities do you think have led to your conquering the concrete jungle?

John Locke: (eyes narrow, wonders if he’s being played) My ability to instantly recognize a deal as being good or bad.  If only I had the same ability with regard to the interviews I accept.

HDYGT: Is this ability instinctive or something you’ve EVOLVED into over time?

John Locke: (shrugs) To be successful in my business you have to make more mistakes than the competition, in a shorter period of time.

HDYGT: Hey – I’m good at that!

John Locke: Of course it helps if you actually LEARN from those mistakes…

HDYGT: (baffled by last statement, but shakes it off) What did you do before managing your own portfolio?

John Locke: I owned a life insurance company.

HDYGT: How did you get into life insurance?

John Locke: I quit college with one week to go before graduation in order to sell insurance door-to-door on straight commission. By age 28 I was one of the top insurance sales people in the world.  By age 35 I bought my own life insurance company and appointed nearly 7,000 agents in 34 states.

HDYGT: (whistles) Wow. And now you have written a series of page-turner crime novels – or “Button-pushers”, as new Kindle owners say. Any other memorable experiences?

John Locke: I sang in a rock and roll band for ten years. I became quite adept at dodging ice cubes and the miniature fruit people pulled out of their cocktails and hurled at me.

HDYGT: I find miniature fruit dodging is a handy way to practise my fast manoeuvre skills, and reflexes.

John Locke: (embarrassed for HDYGT as she re-enacts her fruit dodging manoruvres) One summer I loaded hundred-pound bags of sugar on pallets in a warehouse until the crew boss went nuts and attacked me with a broken bottle.

HDYGT: Really? What else?

John Locke: (finds HDYGT’s enthusiasm a tad creepy) I tarred roofs in Louisiana, and did fine until the day I got my shoe stuck on a roof and a crew member attacked me with an axe.  As memorable experiences go, these come to mind.

HDYGT: Sounds like the Stanislavsky method of experiencing what your characters experience, only for writers. Say–would you mind teaching me? I’m sure I have an axe or a broken bottle in here…(rummages through handbag)

John Locke: (looks alarmed)

HDYGT: While I’m looking for it, how about sharing with our readers your words to live by?

John Locke: Sure: Learn to be nimble on your feet.

HDYGT: Found it! (looks around) John? …John?  (Melon balls and pineapple wedges catapult through the air hitting HDYGT with deft precision)  There you are! As always, Thank You For Playing!!

© HDYGT 2011

In John Locke’s career journey from rock and roll singer—to door-to-door salesman—to the creation of more than a dozen multimillion dollar companies, he has encountered a wellspring of bizarre people from which to craft his unique characters. He is the author of four fiction books, Lethal People, Lethal Experiment, Saving Rachel and Now & Then – JUST OUT; and two nonfiction books, Dynasty in the Making and Qualities of Character. He lives in Kentucky, where he is currently at work on a novel titled Wish List.