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I CAN’T WAIT to tell you about the FAB-U-LOUS party I talked my way into in London. I know my blog normally features Ordinary people in out of the ordinary lives, but when you see with whom I’ve been rubbing shoulders you’ll understand why I couldn’t resist…



That’s what I’m talking about! Woo-Hoo!!

Me and Will Smith!?! Just hanging out.

Do I look happy or what? I think he must’ve just turned away from the camera here, but we were chatting.

Well, I think I did most of the talking but he is every bit as funny in person as he is on camera.

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Who out there can tell me who this hunk is? Like EVERYONE can, right?


Georgio Clunacius—I call him by his Roman name. (sound of HDYGT’s annoyingly high pitched giggle)

HDYGT’s Husband (poking his head over her shoulder as she types): It looks like he wants you to let go of his arm.

HDYGT: He does not! He was just stunned because I planted a big kiss on his cheek. He was speechless. You can see he’s breaking into a smile.

Husband (who will not leave her alone to finish this blog): Where did you say you were again? I just can’t believe you met all these people.

HDYGT: I most certainly did. Pictures don’t lie.

Husband:    Maybe the pictures don’t but…

HDYGT: (sizzling sound, as HDYGT’s glare scorches husband’s brow)

Husband:   They let you hang all over them like that?

HDYGT: I see what this is about. You’re jealous!

Husband:    No I’m not. I’m thrilled for you, but…something just doesn’t seem right.

HDYGT:             We live in London now – stuff like this happens here!!

Husband: Where exactly were you?

HDYGT: Near Oxford Street. I saw this huge green dome on top of a building, with a long line out the door. It was hard to get in, but I did! Had to grease their palms, too. But it was worth it!!

Husband:    So, you were in a club?

HDYGT:             I’m not sure, couldn’t get a drink anywhere! But it was very posh.

Husband:    Wasn’t this the middle of the day?

HDYGT: Yes. Wish I’d known the dress code, I’d have worn my tiara. Everyone was incredibly gracious. No one said a word about it, or even looked sideways.

Husband:    Who else did you see?

In Memory of the great Robin Williams

In memory of the great Robin Williams

HDYGT:             Who DIDN’T I see? Look—who do you think this is?

Husband:    No way! Is that–? And he’s letting you in front of the microphone?

HDYGT: Yea, I did that joke about the big mouth frog, remember that one?

Husband:    No.

HDYGT: Neither did I.

Husband:   (on the verge of belief) Must’ve been some open charity event. Wonder why I didn’t read about it…

HDYGT: (way too thrilled with herself) I love this one—Me and Captain Picard!


Husband:    Looks like he’s nervous, his face is all sweaty.

HDYGT: (snappy) What do you mean?

Husband: (mandatory smile for Snappy-wife mode) Nothing at all, dearest.

HDYGT: Well, this man was extremely happy to have me there, helping him. I never realized how frail Ben Kingsley is.


Husband:    Wait a minute! That’s not Ben Kingsley. That’s Mahatma Ghandi.

HDYGT: Ghandi? Are you sure?

Husband: Of course I’m sure. Ben Kingsley was the actor who played Ghandi.

HDYGT: (even more impressed with herself) I met Ghandi? WOW!!! This is better than I thought!

Husband:    Wha—?! How could you meet Ghandi? He’s been dead for decades.

HDYGT: (snappy repeat) I knew it! You’re jealous!

Husband: (trumps HDYGT’s Snappy play with his I Am The Champion smirk)   Right. So who else did you meet— the Queen?

HDYGT: (hates husband’s I Am The Champion smirk) I’m not sure I want to tell you.

Husband: Good.

HDYGT: But if you must know I did take an appropriately sombre photo with the Queen which I’m thinking of having framed for our living room.Kristi and Queen pic

Husband: May I inquire as to the name of this establishment where all the high and mighty stand around to have their pictures taken with those such as yourself?

HDYGT: I, uh, I can’t recall. Madame something or other, but it was VERY posh.

Husband:  (smile widens)  Madame Tussauds? The Wax Museum?

HDYGT: Dammit!

Husband: (peering over HDYGT’s shoulder as she types furiously) I’m sorry, what was that you said?

HDYGT: (slams keys on computer, types: “I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU”)