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(Memories…) I am all a flutter right now. I have just had a visitor, and not any ordinary visitor. It wasn’t even human!

No, not Robert Pattinson.

The Kreativ Blogger Award came by to say that my blog, How Did You Get There, is its next recipient! Just a warning: my Blog was not at all cool, calm or collected at the good news, but…give a blog a break, she was excited. She wanted to make sure I write a big thank you to the lovely and immensely talented Laura Jane Cassidy, who passed the award along. Laura’s a writer of teenage fiction—the supernatural variety—keep your eyes open for her debut novel, coming out next year.  Thank you Laura!!

So here’s how the conversation went …

Kreativ Blogger:     Hello, I hope I’m at the right address? I’m looking for… (reads crumpled paper) HOW DID YOU GET HERE?

HDYGT: There.

Kreativ Blogger:(spins around) Where?

HDYGT: No, over here! Yoo-hoo! My name is HowDidYouGetTHERE.

Kreativ Blogger: Right. Well, I’ve been sent HERE by Laura Jane Cassidy’s Blog, because you’ve been chosen as my next recipient.

HDYGT: Me? An Award!? Are you sure?

Kreativ Blogger: (blank stare)    Is that your name on this envelop?

HDYGT: Yes! That’s me!

Kreativ Blogger:     Hey, lady, watch it with the hugs. I crease easily.

HDYGT:                      I’m so sorry.

Kreativ Blogger: (shrugs away)    Stop pressing me.

HDYGT:                      I’m just nervous. So what do I do now? Will there be a ceremony? I have so much to do. I need a formal dress, long gloves, a tiara is definitely in order—

Kreativ Blogger:     Ceremony? I usually just sit here on your sofa for a while, then you tell me where to go next…  any writing related blog.

HDYGT:                      Oh.

Kreativ Blogger:     Mind if I stretch out a bit? Long day.

HDYGT:                      Not at all. Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee?

Kreativ Blogger:     Hmm, you have anything stronger? An award gets thirsty going from blog to blog you know.

HDYGT:                      Oh, of course! Where are my manners. Wine, beer…

Kreativ Blogger: That whiskey looks smooth.

HDYGT:                      Oh, yes. I’ll get a glass.

Kreativ Blogger: That’s alright, I don’t need one.

HDYGT: Right…so…is there anything I’m supposed to do? An awards speech or anything?

Kreativ Blogger:   I almost forgot. You’re supposed to list seven things you like, in no particular order.

HDYGT:                     Ooh, this will be fun! Let’s see…

Kreativ Blogger:     Like Whiskey…you like whiskey?

HDYGT:                      Me? No, I prefer something sparkly, like Prosecco or champagne on special occasions. But that’s not one of my seven things.

Kreativ Blogger:     Got it: Whiskey, Prosecco, champagne on special occasions…

HDYGT:                      No– please don’t write those down–I haven’t started yet. What I really like is lying in the sun, and staring at a gorgeous sky that has just the right mixture of blue, sunshine, and clouds. The fluffy kind, like on the opening shot of The Simpson’s.

Kreativ Blogger:      Cartoons…

HDYGT:                      What? No. I don’t want The Simpson’s as one of my seven things. It was just an example of the kind of fluffy clouds I like—

Kreativ Blogger:     So we’ve got Whiskey, Prosecco, Champagne, and Cartoons.


Kreativ Blogger:     Come on, I haven’t got all day.

HDYGT: I adore dogs and children—they make me laugh.

Kreative Blogger:   One more.

HDYGT:                      What do you mean only one more?

Kreativ Blogger:     Whiskey, Prosecco, Champagne, Cartoons, Laughing at kids AND dogs. That’s six in my book.

HDYGT:                      But what about the perfect blue sky with the puffy clouds.

Kreativ Blogger:     You’re right! So that’s Whiskey, Prosecco, Champagne, Cartoons, Laughing at kids, Laughing at dogs, and Staring into Space. Some list. You might want to see a therapist about that.

HDYGT:                      But those weren’t—

Kreativ Blogger:     I gotta go. Can I take this bottle with me? (sound of foot steps leaving, door slams shut)

HDYGT: But—(door creaks open again, hear footsteps running down the gravel path) I wanted to mention my wonderful husband and daughter…(car engine starts) and all my dear, dear friends both near and far— they mean the world to me…(hot pink Mini drives into a lovely orange and purple sunset) …and sunsets…

Oh well, I’d like to pass this Kreativ Blogger Award on to Elizabeth Rose Murray at Green-Fingered Writer. You may remember her from a previous interview. Her mesmerizing poetry and short fiction are published in journals across the UK and Ireland, including 3am, South CircularSouthwordWord RiotDogmatika and Spontaneity.

Elizabeth—you might have to get in the car and pick up your award. Last I saw, it was being held in the Garda station for Driving under the Influence.

© HowDidYouGetThere 2009