Dream Guest Stars

HDYGT: (waxing philosophical… for her) What are we without our dreams, right? Dreams are what we are made of…If we dare to dream…

You, Dear Reader: Enough cliches!

HDYGT: (said in dulcet tones, arms wafting dreamily) Below is my dreamy Dream List of Dream interviews with Dream Guest Stars.

You, Reader: You’re going to make-up interviews with actual celebrities?

HDYGT: No, of course not.

You, Irritating Reader: Yea, right.

HDYGT: I don’t work that way. I never conduct interviews without my Guest Star’s consent, participation and full approval.

You, Darling Adorable Reader: In that case, who are your Dream Guest Stars? Maybe I can help you get them!!

HDYGT: (squeals like hissing wild swans wilst attacking HDYGT‘s toy poodle, who had been irritating swans in a daring, if Napoleonically-Complex display adorable child): Fantastic!

In no particular order, unless you know the alphabet:

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