You know how when you’re the President of this International Women’s Club in England, and you’re asked to introduce a REAL Lord, who will graciously say a few words to your group after you have all enjoyed a private luncheon in a fancy marquee on the grounds of his centuries old family estate — where you all now sit after a stunning private tour of his castle – you know the one, it’s also featured in a hit TV series (er…Downton Abbey)? And just as you, the President, are mid- introduction of this elegant if appropriately shy aristocrat, you find yourself ever so slightly relieved having got through the correct pronunciation of his name (whew!) so you let your guard down during your 2nd and final sentence because honestly how hard can this be, all you’re going to say is something like, ‘What a great honor and a privilege it is to have Lord Carnarvon here to say a few words to us about his exquisite family home, Highclere Castle’…

… but

…Instead of saying that, words exit your mouth that have no relationship whatsoever to the grammar you actually learned in school, and worse, might even have sounded as if you were honored to welcome Lord Carnarvon to YOUR family home??

I know, right? Hate it when that happens.